C:Medieval 0.52

Fun and silly multiplayer battles


  • Supports up to 100 players
  • Simplicity makes it accessible to all
  • Some player customization


  • Very basic gameplay may get dull after a while
  • No sound

Not bad

C:Medieval is a very basic multiplayer online slash 'em up, for up to a hundred players at a time. It also allows up to four players to play from the same PC.

When you start the game, you'll see games being hosted, and can join by clicking on them. The two teams of fifty medieval warriors start in formation, and are then free to go where they want. Typically, players charge at each other, in a huge crowd, and after a minute or so one team will get the upper hand, and then start chasing the remaining opposition.

C:Medieval features some RPG like leveling up - the longer you stay alive and make hits and kills, the more gold you'll collect, allowing you to buy titles, like Duke or King. You can also create a coat of arms, displayed on your player's shield and useful for picking yourself out of the crowd.

Controls are via gamepad or keyboard and really simple. Cursor keys move your warrior, and space attacks. Movement is a bit slow - there seems to be a bit of lag in C:Medieval, but it's not too bad. While gameplay is extremely simple, the shortness of each match and the fun of fighting in such a big crowd makes it good fun for a while.

Despite the levelling up, there's no depth in C:Medieval, with only one playing area, and game mode. The graphics may put some people off, and there is no sound either.



C:Medieval 0.52

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